Ocean II are now playing home games at Clarence Club  27/01/18

As there are now only 42 teams in the league. The possible structure for next season will be 3 divisions of 14 teams. Therefore there will be no relegations.

3 teams will go up to premier, 7 will go up to Division 1 and all of Division 3 will go up to Division 2

Summer League information can be found at  www.newport-summerskittles.com

Registration Forms for Next Season were issued at May Meeting.


There is no Meeting in June and forms must be returned at July Meeting.


Forms are viewable under "Forms 2018 / 2019 Season" Heading Above


The Following Teams were not present at the May Meeting 


Bettws Rugby
Bettws Soc A
British Legion
Columba A
Columba B
Crindau Cons A
Docks Cons B
Ebbw Bridge
Ringland Lab
Royal Oak


The Pioneer, Conway Road, Newport has now reopened as a pub and will welcome any team that wishes to play skittles from there.