Newport Galv have withdrawn from the league as of 30/12/2017


As they have completed all games in the first half of the fixture all results and points gained against them will stand.

Ocean II are now playing home games at Clarence Club  27/01/18


March 1st League Meeting Cancelled owing to weather

As all game were cancelled on 2nd March owing to weather, these games can now be played on 23rd March. 

                                                                                                                                                            Note; British Legion and Crindau Cons Downstairs alleys are being used for cup finals on this date so will not be available for league re-arranged games.


As there are now only 42 teams in the league. The possible structure for next season will be 3 divisions of 14 teams. Therefore there will be no relegations.

3 teams will go up to premier, 7 will go up to Division 1 and all of Division 3 will go up to Division 2

Summer League information can be found at