Newport & District Skittle (Alley) League

Rules 2017 / 2018




    1. The league will be known as Newport and District Skittle (Alley) League.
    2.  The headquarters of the league will be at British Legion, Queen Street, Newport.
    3. The league will be managed by an Executive Committee of nine, comprising Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer (Officers) plus five team representative members.

The Chairman shall have a second and casting vote in the event of a tied vote in committee.

    1. A quorum of the committee shall be three members.
    2. All officers and committee members to be elected at the league AGM and may be re-elected.
    3. Executive meetings will be held on the last Thursday of each month and the teams meeting will be held on the first Thursday of each month, July to May commencing at 7:30 pm.
    4. The league Annual General Meeting will be held on the first Thursday in August. Notices of motion must reach the Secretary fourteen days prior to the AGM.
    5. Rules can only be changed at an AGM and any new by-laws must be verified at an AGM.
    6. The Executive Committee shall have the power to introduce rules during the season to cover matters not covered in the existing rules.

1.10 The Executive Committee must act within the rules.




2.1 Each team must send a representative to all monthly meetings between August and July (no June meeting). That

      representative must sign the attendance sheet. Failure to attend and sign the sheet will incur a fine (See Appendix).

2.2 Additionally, if a team misses any three meetings between August and July they will be relegated 1 division or fined

      (See Appendix), if the team is in the bottom division.




3.1 The annual registration fee will be determined by the Executive Committee and will include entrance to all

       competitions. The registration fee to be paid in full by the September meeting.

3.2 Team application forms, player registration sheets and cup entry forms will be issued to team representatives by

       the Secretary to be returned in accordance with the timescale decided by the Executive Committee and announced

       to the teams.

3.3 Teams must only play registered players, infringements will be dealt with by a fine (See Appendix), deduction of the

       illegal player’s score and deduction of game point(s), if necessary.




4.1 The Executive Committee will determine the duration of the season.

4.2 All points to be played for, home and away, 2 points for a win and 1 point for a draw, plus 1 point for each leg won.

4.3 All matches to be played on or before the fixture date.

4.4 Any re-arrangement requested must be made in writing, with 6 days notice, to the Secretary.

4.5 Where a game is postponed, the innocent team must give the opposition 3 dates  within 4 weeks, one of which must

       be accepted. Where the innocent party is the away team it is up to the home team to ensure the alley is available.

      If the alley is unavailable on all 3 dates the game must be played on a neutral  alley.     

      Failure to do so will result in teams being brought before committee.

4.6 When a postponement cannot be avoided during the last four fixture dates, the Executive Committee will determine

      a date for the fixture to be played.

4.7 No games to be played after the last fixture date of the season. Failure to do so will result in the guilty team being 

      fined £25 and the innocent party awarded all 5 points. There will be no appeal.








5.1 Awards will be made for winners and runners up in all competitions.

5.2 All trophies must be insured against loss or damage by the holding team and returned in a clean condition to the

       league by the date announced to teams. Offenders face a fine (See Appendix) and will pay for replacement or repair.

5.3 All cup competitions will be 8 a side. Premier and Division 1 teams will play for Doug Flowers Trophy and Bryn Willis

       Cup (front pin). Divisions 2 and 3 will play for Ted Hammett Shield  and Brian Willey Cup (front pin). Games will be

       played as a straight 8 and not two legs. Teams having less than 8 players cannot carry any score(s).

5.4 Where a team plays second and reaches the winning score with less than eight or twelve players having bowled and

       are then found to have played an ineligible player(s) the match will be awarded to the opposing team.

5.5 In cups, in the event of a draw all players will bowl again to achieve a result.

5.6 Semi finals, and finals will be refereed by league officials when available.

5.7 In singles, teams are allowed two players (1 reserve). In the pairs 3 players (1 reserve) are allowed and in four a side

      any four from six nominated players.

5.8 In front pin competitions the front pin must be knocked down for the score to be valid. If the front pin is missed and

      the ball or another pin comes back and knocks down the front pin, then only the front pin is replaced.

5.9 Any pins knocked down before the front pin is knocked down become invalid and do not count unless knocked down

       by a no-ball when they all go back up.

5.10 If a spare is made after missing the front pin with the first ball and knocking down remaining pins with the second

         ball, only pins knocked down by the second ball go back up. The front pin does not have to be knocked down again.

5.11 If a team fails to turn up for a cup competition they will forfeit the match and pay £6 for the sticker up.

5.12 In all refereed games players will pay £1 each for the sticker up.

5.13 All semi finals and finals of cup competitions to be played on a neutral alley, if possible.

5.14 In the event of a draw in champion of champions, any 4 players from each team may bowl again to achieve a result.




6.1 Where a team drops out before the completion of the first half of fixtures, all points gained to be deducted. Where a

       team drops out during the second half, only second half points to be deducted if all other teams have played them


6.2 Where a team drops out each team member must pay any monies due to the league before registering with another


6.3 Teams failing to turn up will be fined (See Appendix).

6.4 Home teams to send both match result sheets (either by post or emailed with 2 scanned copies) to the Secretary by

       the following Wednesday. Failure to do so will result in a fine (See Appendix).

6.5 All competition winners must send in all result sheets to the Secretary (except when refereed by league officials).

       Failure to do so will result in a fine.

6.6 All league matches must be played in three legs of four players from each team, nine balls each, three at a time.

6.7 Matches should commence at 8:00pm. Play can commence with only four players  ie the first leg. Where, and only

      where a team is short of players for the last leg, then one or two of the lowest scores from the first two legs can be

      used in the final leg. Those player(s) will not bowl again.

6.8 All matches must be refereed either by the captains or suitable team members.  One member can be placed by the

       pins. Referees will sit at the bowling line to keep order.

6.9 Any ball that first touches the alley on or over the no-ball line or on or outside the sidelines will be called a no-ball.

6.10 Any ball delivered when there are dead pins or the sticker up on the alley will be called a no-ball.

6.11 If a player has a foot on the sideline or steps on or over the marked box lines whilst addressing the pins he will be

        no-balled. The ball must be delivered within  the box sidelines.

6.12 All pins knocked down by a no-ball will be put back up.

6.13 Players are not allowed to support themselves in any way, by kneeling, resting  on the chute or the alley with their

         hand. Referees to use discretion where a  disability is apparent.

6.14 Referees will be the deciding factor in any dispute.

6.15 In the event of a team walking off the alley before game completion, both captains will be brought before

         committee who will give a date for the match to be completed from the cessation point. Offenders will be fined

        (See Appendix).

6.16 Any team playing less than ten players will be fined (See Appendix) for each player short.

6.17 In the event of a protest this must be sent to the Secretary, within three days of the match, with the fee (See


6.18 Teams tying on points for promotion or relegation at the end of the season will be separated by  (1) Number of

         games won, if still tied then (2) Results of tying teams when they played each other, finally (3) Pin difference

         between tying teams.




7.1 Each team shall endeavour to enhance the game of skittles by their efforts at league and cup matches and to

       conduct themselves in a sporting manner.

7.2 Male and female members, 16 years and over are eligible to play.

7.3 Any player wishing to transfer must clear their commitments to their previous team and the league by paying one

       twelfth of outstanding fines. Confirmation must be given by the losing team to the gaining team. Transfers are only

       permitted up to the turn round of the fixtures. Fees for transfers are shown in the Appendix.

7.4 All applications for extra player registrations must be made prior to the match including that player. If made by

       telephone or e-mail the request must be confirmed in writing to the Secretary. Extra registrations will be allowed

       throughout the playing season.

7.5 A player who has played in a cup match will be unable to play for a new team in any cup competition during the

      current season.




8.1 The Treasurer will present to teams, each month, a monthly report detailing the income and expenditure and

       current balances. The report will show teams liable for fines and fees. Fines and fees will increase for each month

       unpaid,  (See Appendix). Where fines and/or fees are outstanding for three months offenders will be brought before


8.2 Any team failing to attend presentation night will forfeit trophy and prize money. In the event of tickets being sold

       out and winning teams are unable to obtain tickets, trophies and prize money will be given at the Executive

       committees discretion.




9.1 Alleys must measure 34ft from front of no-ball line to the centre of the front pin, be a minimum of 52ins wide, be a

      maximum of 58ins wide and the bowling box a minimum of 8ft. Sidelines and no-ball line to be 2ins wide.

9.2 On a flat square back alley, a line should be marked 6ins behind the back FIVE pins in a VEE formation.

9.3 Balls must be between 4¼ to 4½ins in diameter. Pins must be 9ins high, 4ins at the girth and 2½ins wide top and

       bottom.  Pins may be soaked but not tampered  with.

9.4 Alleys, match balls and pins must be available to visiting teams 15 minutes before  all league and cup matches.

       The visiting captain can select the front pin, to be marked with chalk or white tape.

9.5 Where a match is refereed by league officials the alley is not available to either  team prior to the match.

9.6 All balls and pins used for matches must be purchased from a supplier approved  by the League prior to purchase.




10.1 A copy of the league rules will be provided to all team secretaries and the  contents should be made available to all

         team members, in particular those who referee games.

10.2 Any matter arising which is not provided for within these rules shall be dealt with at the discretion of the Executive


10.3 The Executive Committee will be solely responsible for all matters to do with the management of the league.

         Any team being dissatisfied with any decision of the Executive Committee shall have the right to appeal.

         The appeal will be heard by an independent appeals panel and their decision shall be final.

         Notice of an appeal must be in writing to the secretary within 7 days of notice of punishment.















Fines and Fees



Annual registration fee- per team


Extra registrations- per player


Protest fee


Sticking up in refereed games -per player


Transfers -per player




Failure to attend 9 out of 11 meetings (where relegation is not possible)


Failure to play before last fixture date of season (Guilty Party)


Failure to send competition result


Failure to sign attendance sheet at teams meeting


Failure to turn up for cup competitions- per team


Failure to turn up for league fixtures-per team


Non return of trophy by announced date


Players short, ie less than 10 players, 8 in cups-per player


Result sheets received late by Secretary (after Wednesday following match played)


Teams not paying fines when notified at teams meeting (per month unpaid)


Teams walking off alley


Unregistered players (for each occasion)




Further Copies of these Rules are available from The League Secretary or can be downloaded from the Web Site.