Cup Draws January and February 2018  
Singles 24th January   Pairs 31st January   Pairs 31st January      
Venue  Excelsior   Venue  Ferns   Venue  Ringland      
Baneswell Soc         DNA   Clarence   Bettws Soc B      
Bettws Soc B   Columba A   Dean St Uskies      
Clarence   Corinthians                            DNA   Lliswerry & Nash B      
Columba A   Courtybella                               Outcasts      
Courtybella               DNA   Crindau Cons A   Pill Gwent      
Crindau Cons A        DNA   Crindau Cons C                     DNA   Pill Harriers       DNA      
Crindau Garages          Crindau Garages   Windsor A      
Llanwern Dodger   Malpas U'st Rovers   Windsor Outsiders      
Lliswerry & Nash A              
Ocean II                       DNA              
Pill Harriers              
Salisbury C              
Windsor A              
Windsor  Outsiders              











Doug Flowers 7th February   Ted Hammett 7th February
Dean St Uskies v Stow Hill A   Clarence  v Nightingale
Venue  Crindau Cons Upstairs   Venue   Crindau Cons Downstairs
Llanwern Dodger v Windsor A   British Legion Stars v Maindee Cons
Venue  British Legion   Venue   Lliswerry & Nash
Bryn Willis 14th February   Brian Willey 14th February
Columba A v Lliswerry & Nash B   Malpas U'st Rovers v Maindee Cons
Venue  Crindau Cons Downstairs   Venue  Crindau Cons Upstairs
Llanwern Dodger v Pill Gwent   British Legion Stars v St Julians Cons B
Venue  Ringland   Venue  Ferns
Fours Semi Finals 21st February
  Venue  Ringland Lab   Venue Crindau ConsDn              
  Crindau Garages   Courtybella              
  Dean St Uskies   Clarence              
  Docks Cons B   Columba A            


  Pill Gwent   Windsor Outsiders              





  Cup Finals  
  Doug Flowers 23rd March       Ted Hammett 23rd March  
  Venue  Crindau Cons       Venue  British Legion  
137 Dean St Uskies v Llanwern Dodger 133   140 Nightingale v Maindee Cons 149
  Bryn Willis 30th March       Brian Willey 30th March  
  Venue   British Legion       Venue  Ringland Labour  
  Columba A v Llanwern Dodger       Malpas U'st Rovers v St Julians Cons B  
  Champion of Champions Semi Final       Champion of Champions Semi Final  
  Venue Ringland Labour       Venue Ferns  
210 Columba B v Bettws Soc B 206     Llanwern Dodger v British Legion  
  Champion of Champions Final              
  Venue British Legion              
227+ Columba B v Llanwern Dodger 220